What is Bidon?

Bidon - Ciclismo allo stato liquido is a place for cycling stories, open since 2016. We write mostly in Italian (but not only), and have followed the editions 2020 and 2021 of Giro d'Italia with Giroglifici, the Giro's official podcast.

We are also active on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

BIKLE is the result of the cooperation of some members of Bidon's Telegram group, which in the last week devoted a few hours to the creation of a game for all cycling fans. 

It is a modified (and unofficial) version of WORDLE and of its italian versions PAROLE and KASTA, of which it takes the code.

We have exstensively worked on the dataset of the game and the selection of the daily correct answer, but please let us know if you find errors or inaccuracies of sorts.

We hope you enjoy BIKLE, have a nice ride!